This is what companies and investors we work with have to say about the program:

Saurabh Marda (Co-founder)
"We have already incorporated several learnings from GSBI and it has helped us tremendously. Connecting with our GSBI mentor, Bill Scull has proven to be invaluable. His willingness to help and the insights he has provided have helped us tackle some pretty tough challenges with ease. Thanks to Ajay and Sanjoy from New Ventures for making this possible"

Col. Vijay Bhaskar (Country Director- India)
“We are proud to be associated with the New Ventures team for the last two years. They have helped us evolve from a start-up into a more mature organization. The team is dynamic, helpful, positive and pro-active. The state of electrification maps they produced helped us identify geographies in which to expand. New ventures have been particularly helpful in connecting us with the right impact investors.”

Daphne Pit (Ex-Team Manager at Stichting DOEN)
With the contribution of the Dutch Charity Lotteries, The DOEN Foundation supports over 200 green, inclusive and creative initiatives annually, through subsidies, equity investments, and loans.
"New Ventures has played a strong role in helping strengthen the ecosystem for Indian renewable energy entrepreneurs. This role was taken up by New Ventures with a very strong team. They were an important partner for many of the energy start-ups in the field, but also for many investors. For DOEN their role in accelerating energy enterprises and thus increasing the impact those companies were able to make has been very important. Combined with their strong relationship with WRI to translate the learnings of the practitioners into a broader, strategic view, New Ventures has remained an important partner for the DOEN foundation. Finally, we thank New Ventures for their honest feedback on potential prospects, or on the Indian energy sector in general. This has made the work of DOEN in supporting Indian social enterprises to solve the access to energy challenge just a bit easier."

Avishek Gupta (Vice President)
“Given our focus on sectors that have positive social and environmental impact, when we decided to add a new sector into our scope last year, clean energy was a natural choice. We invest only in sectors that we understand reasonably well and where we have knowledge networks. Other than our investors, our partners like USAID have significant experience in clean energy where we got support. Beyond that we also got support from the likes of GSBI NV team which is working on an Energy Access Program in India and hence carry significant knowledge and understanding of the sector. It is through them that we came across Argo Solar. Argo Solar is a very efficiently run company promoted by two committed entrepreneurs Rajesh and Raju who have significant experience in the sector. Given that GSBI NV had spent considerable amount of time with Argo, they helped speed up our process of due diligence and also worked with us in strengthening some gaps in the company that we wanted fixed before making the loan. This wouldn't have been achieved without support of the Energy Access Program.”

Raju Datla and Rajesh Peddu (Cofounder, Director)
“Argo Solar stands to provide quality and timely installations of solar rooftops for its commercial, educational and industrial customers. The loan from Caspian is helping us to finance the working capital needed to expand our business and the support from USICEF will help us to get to develop a financing product for our customers. The GSBI NV team has a seasoned senior executive supporting us and their advice has proved to be invaluable.”