What can we do for you?

We can help build your pipeline of sustainable investments by identifying and selecting enterprises based on your investment interests.

We can help accelerate your existing investments by helping them address business challenges and preparing them for the next round of fund raising.

Help build your pipeline

We will start by understanding your unique investing needs. We can also help develop your investment thesis by sharing with you our understanding of the sector.

When we introduce you to a potential investor target you can be sure that we have gone through a rigorous process with the company. Our process consists of:

  • A site visit to understand the key business issues the company faces
  • Development of an appropriate financing plan
  • Development of a plan to address business issues and facilitate scale up

Our assessment will be frank, objective and professional.

Help accelerate your existing portfolio

We will start by making sure that there is alignment of the key goals and challenges between the two key stakeholders: the company management and you, the investor. We will then develop an action plan together with you and the enterprise, and, work with the company management to execute the action plan. We will discuss and shortlist other investors that we can approach and coordinate a plan on reaching out to them.

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One of the center pieces of our program is world class mentorship. The mentors work with the companies to address key business issues faced by the enterprise and support the company management through the entire fund raising. GSBI mentors roll up their sleeves and dive deep into the individual enterprise to ensure they understand it and can work efficiently and effectively with the company management. They have all made careers in technology companies in the Silicon Valley so they know the discipline of building and executing businesses but they have also worked with smaller enterprises in emerging countries. The mentors who work on these specific program also have in-depth India experience.

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