What types of enterprises can participate?

We are product, technology, and business model agnostic. Our aim is to support renewable energy companies across various technologies (for example: solar, wind, biomass, biogas, small hydro), application (for example: lighting, cooking, agriculture, water, livelihood generation, food processing, horticulture, education and health). We aim to support enterprises that are implementing various models (for example: individual systems, minigrids), various financing models (for example: direct financing, financing in partnership with other partners, pay as you go) and working in different markets (for example: business-to-government, business-to-business, business-to-consumer) and in various geographies across India.

What can you expect from us?

We help you raise external capital from institutional investors and help you use the capital effectively to scale to the next stage of growth. Our process is targeted to make the raising and deployment of funds more efficient by:

  • refining your business plan and financial projections
  • widening the horizon of investors to avail funding from and
  • identifying and addressing critical business specific issues

We do this by using our proven curriculum and world class templates as tools to create successful investor collateral. We spend time with you to identify strategic goals and challenges and then provide in depth mentorship to address your unique issues and meet your goals.

Tools & Curriculum

To make the fund raising process more efficient, you will be equipped with the following curriculum and tools:

  • Successful Investor Presentation: A review and analysis of investment material used by clean energy enterprises that have reached their funding goals.
  • What Successful Companies Do: Best practices for enterprises that have achieved fast growth.
  • Strategic Initiatives and Justifiable Ask: How to use strategic initiatives to prepare your enterprise for scaling and how these initiatives will define the amount and type of capital you need to raise.
  • Investor Expectations in a Financial Model: Learn about the type of calculations that an investor will expect and see examples of simple, but powerful financial models.


One of the center pieces of our program is world class mentorship. We carefully choose and match mentors to suit your needs. Our mentors will roll up their sleeves and dive deep into your business to ensure they understand it and can work efficiently and effectively with you. They have all made careers in technology companies in the Silicon Valley so they know the discipline of building and executing businesses, but, they have also worked with smaller enterprises in emerging countries and understand the constraints of growth in such business ecosystems.

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