Here is a partial list of debt providers who have provided financial support to sustainable enterprises in India:

Caspian Impact Investment Advisor Private Limited (Caspian)

Caspian Impact Investment fund, managed by Caspian Advisors, provides debt to sustainable enterprises. The focus areas include financial inclusion, food & agriculture, affordable housing, healthcare and clean energy.

Loans are provided to enterprises that provide renewable energy products/solutions to households and enterprises that either lack access or wish to adopt clean energy sources, as well as to enterprises in the energy efficiency space.

Ckers Finance

Ckers Finance, launched in 2016, is a specialized sustainable energy finance company fordecentralized renewable energyand energy efficiency projects. Focus areas are mini grids, solar rooftop, solar thermal, solar pumps and energy efficiency.

Loans are provided to enterprises with 2+ years track record and proven unit level economics, requiring INR 20 to 150 million. The enterprise must be committed to impact reporting goals.

Grameen Capital India Limited (Grameen)

Grameenwas established in 2007 as a joint venture between Grameen Foundation, Citicorp Finance and IFMR Trust; to provide innovative debt, equity and investment banking services to social enterprises ranging from early stage to established industry leaders.

Grameen Impact India is being launched to offer multiple sources of diverse debt including senior and venture debt, structured finance and debt syndication/ advisory for social enerprises.

Jana Small Finance Bank (Janalakshmi)

Janalakshmi formed India’s first urban microfinance with Sanghamitra Urban Programme in 1999 to become the largest urban microfinance organization in 2014, with 229 branches across 15 states.

Janalakshmi has four loan products for enterprises namely loans for existing customers, loans for MSMEs, long term business loans and equipment and machinery financing.

Maanaveeya Development & Finance Limited (Maanaveeya)

Maanaveeya is an Indian subsidiary of Okiocredit, a 40 year old global development financing institution. Maanaveeya operates throughout India and provides loans that stimulate development.

Loans are provided to development projects that are economically viable, with appropriate management and technical leadership, and with the potential to become self-sufficient within a reasonable period of time. The enterprise supported must benefit disadvantaged people.

ResponsAbility Investments AG (ResponsAbility)

ResponsAbilityprovides investment solutions to non-listed firms in developing and emerging economies. It currently managing USD 3.1 billion of assets in development investments spread across 97 countries.

ResponsAbility provides debt financing to organisations along the entire energy access value chain.Enterprises must have commercially viable business models, minimum USD 1 million in total sales and a business track record of two years.

RBL Bank Limited (RBL)

RBL, established in 1943, is an award winning small sized bank providing specialized banking services that includes services for sustainable enterprises in the agribusiness sector.

The bank has aguarantee with USAIDto facilitate lending up to USD 75 million for MSMEs in off-grid, solar rooftops, and energy efficiency sectors. This guarantee supports innovative solutions and business models that improve access to clean energy.

Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI)

Set up on April 2, 1990 under an Act of Parliament, SIDBI is the principal financial institution for the promotion, financing and development of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in India.

SIDBI provides Risk Capital for very early stage enterprises that can demonstrate cash flow cycles. SIDBI also provides term loans and working capital term loans through their various branch offices.