The website is dedicated to the many friends we have in the industry – professionals who are passionate about the work they do in promoting technologies that make sense for the environment and sense for the business of the clients.

There are many we want to appreciate but we do want to make sure that we say that the website would not have got going without the inputs of:

  • Kiran Morass, Promptec Renewables.
  • Ramakrishnan Venugopal, Poseidon Solar.
  • Dr . Uma Rajarathnam, Enzen Global
  • Deepa Sathiaram, En3 Sustainabiity Solutions
  • Anindya Lahiri and Abhijit Pujari, ATE Enterprises
  • Rajaraman Subramanian, EcoAxis Solutions
  • Satish Kashyap, General Carbon
  • Padma Rao ÅF Group
  • Venugopal, EAI
  • Abhishek D Bhatewara, Clique Solar
  • T Ananth and Surendra Kumar, Nuetech Solar
  • Arun V Jalan, Kotak Power
  • Shourish Dasgupta, PwC
  • Gopi Darur, Divyashree Chambers
  • Rajesh Narang, Ample Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Partner Opportunities

Please contact us if you are interested in promoting any business or employment opportunity.