We have developed a series of maps based on scientific methodology to identify potential markets for renewable energy products and services.

In the absence of publicly available research data this will help:

  • Social enterprises and impact investors operating in Tanzania Mainland for identifying the markets for renewable energy.
  • Policy makers to decide on which regions are more conducive to public private participation programmes in decentralized renewable energy.

Key findings of our analysis of Tanzania Mainland

The average rate of access to the grid in Tanzania Mainland is very low.

  • 81.1% of the households rely on sources other than the grid for lighting.
  • Excluding Dar es Salaam, all other regions reported have more than 70% households not connected to the grid.

This is a large market but when you consider economic and other criteria also:

  • The total addressable market is 4,726,913 un-electrified (excluding solar) households or 52% of the total households.
  • The pay as you go market is 4,093,526 households. This is 87% of the addressable market size identified above.


Hover around to see electrification statistics for each region


  • We use asset ownership data to evaluate the economic prosperity of the regions that indicates the potential for investment in renewable energy products.
  • Our addressable market or target comprises of regions that exhibit relatively buoyant economic conditions.
  • We have identified pay as you go market by applying a second criterion to the addressable market. We choose regions that have a relatively higher percentage of households with mobiles or high penetration of mobile money agents.
  • You may want to apply a different set of criteria for identification of the target regions that you are interested in. We have an option that allows you to develop your own target maps using our Create your own map tool.

"Electrification and asset ownership data is from the 2012 census and obtained from the “Basic Demographic and Socio-Economic Profile Report, Tanzania Mainland".

The mobile agents data is from

You can find further details in our report. Please email us if you are interested in the comprehensive report.